23.3 questions interviews — #MightyAfrican and more

Ato Ulzen-Appiah
2 min readJun 25, 2020

What at all is this 23.3/233 thing?

Well, you have probably seen #233moments right? Learn about it here.

When people ask me about the number or the hashtag, either individually or in a group, I ask them to guess the significance of these numbers. I do not remember most of the guesses, maybe because I am so focused on the answer.

Well, the answer is — 233 is Ghana’s country code.

Deep sigh or whatever emotion you have right now lol.

The number can, should be, has been used to brand Ghana.

Dig it?

Well, I can tell you one person who has been digging it. Khophi!

Watch video on YouTube via

Khophi started this 23.3 questions interview series and I was one of the first to be interviewed. It is a bit of a long video but let your curiosity get the best of you.

Check out the following 23.3 questions episodes as well.

Kafui Anson-Yevu who I have worked with on GhanaThink on Barcamp Accra, etc and she also works on PhotoWalkGH, Women TechMakers via Google and used to work with Impact Hub Accra.

David Oscar Dogbe, who you might remember from TV — stand up comedy, etc. He was a Barcamp Koforidua mentor as well. He is a musician, check out his music too.

Oral Ofori who I have been involved in Wikimedia Ghana with. He did a really comprehensive interview with me, especially about Barcamp Ghana for his #TheAfricanDream media business.

Regina Honu of Soronko Academy (from TechNeeds Girls). We were part of the same Global Shaper Hub and she has mentored at multiple Barcamps.

Eyram Tawia who I have known since my school days from Kumasi and remains a close friend to today. The Leti Arts guy, and more hehe

What questions would you have liked Khophi to ask me?

Yes, imagine I am on the Konnect Kouch.

First time hearing about the #Konnect Kouch? Read more here.



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