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Ato Ulzen-Appiah
3 min readJun 24, 2020


A lot of people have always wondered why I talk a lot about

  • 2:33pm (and 2:33am)
  • The number 233
  • The number 23
  • #233moments

I post 233moments on Twitter & Facebook.

When people ask me, either individually or in a group, I ask them to guess the significance of these numbers. I do not remember most of the guesses, maybe because I am so focused on the answer.

Well, the answer is — 233 is Ghana’s country code.

Deep sigh or whatever emotion you have right now lol.

I started posting 233moments at 2:33pm to talk about where I am, things going in with me, important or interesting things I had to say. When I am awake at 2:33am, I also post. Sometimes, I intentionally wait till 2:33am to do the post if it is not far from time, etc.

No, I don’t post #233moments every day, sometimes I forget and remember too late. Even then, if I really have something important to say, I would post it and use the qualifiers — Way Past, 23.3 minutes past, 3 hours past, etc. It is that serious lol.

March 23 aka 3–23 feels like Ghana.
Like when you are born on 23–3.
The 233rd day of the year (August 20 hehehe) is for Ghana.
2:33pm is Ghana’s time.

A count of 23 or 233.

Like when I decided to blog 233 times in 2013.
Like when someone scores 233 points in a Words With Friends game.
Like when someone gets to 233 followers on Twitter.
Like when you buy 233 Ghana cedis worth of fuel.
Like when you drink 2.33 cups of water.
Like when you have just had Sobolo on a Saturday.
Like when a media guru says there are 233 radio stations in Ghana.
Withdrawing an amount of money that is a multiple of 233.
Like when you are in a training and the time comes.
Like when there is a Wikipedia page edit.
Like when 233 goals have been scored in the Ghana FA Cup.
Like when you shout something about Ghana to 23 people.
Like when you post a blog at 23:33pm ;-)
Like when you wait to post a blog at 2:33am Ghana time :-D

The number can, should be, has been used to brand Ghana.

It was great to see Efo Dela and co start to use #233moments to signify Ghanaian moments or moments that feel very much like Ghana. Mistakes, especially on billboards, tend to feature a lot too, At a Blogcamp run by Blogging Ghana in 2013, I was asked to share about #233moments because the organizers thought it was a great way to brand Ghana. I asked Efo Dela to also share as well.

A Google Doodle on Ghana.
A funny caption or statement on a trotro.
Great related Ghanaian news.
A funny newspaper headline.
Marketing billboard(s) gone wrong.
When Fiesta Condoms releases a condom brand for the times.
When the R & L problem arises.
When many people are thinking about taxes.
When spelling mistakes happen on church billboards.
When the taxi driver wants to tell you something.
When you need to make an important PSA.
When you have a 233 moments section of a 233 Chat app.
When you start an interview series and call it (or ask) 23.3 questions.

W8! W@!?

In 2020, the folks at WearGhana wanted to brand Ghana even more during the month of March. So through some discussions with me & GhanaThink, we started sharing about Ghana around 2:33pm and I also had the chance to talk about #233moments at Starbites in East Legon.

As for the number 23, I am sure you get the point now, it is very close to a multiple of 233. But the other reason I really love this number is Michael Jordan. Yes, the Greatest Of All Timein basketball. The number David Beckham, one of my favorite all-time footballers also wore on his jersey. But you know the most important reason already. Join us to post #233moments. Some companies do as well! ;-)



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