Virtual Barcamp Ghana 2022

Ato Ulzen-Appiah
3 min readFeb 25, 2022

Barcamps in Ghana have become synonymous with learning, networking, sharing and mentoring. In a time of virtual events, how can these things happen? GhanaThink has learnt how to do so. The first Virtual Barcamp Ghana in December 2021 proved this. The Barcampers loved the experience and longed for the next one. It is here! Virtual BarCamp Ghana 2022 is happening via Zoom on February 26, 2022 from 9:30am-1:30pm GMT, and being broadcast on Facebook Live!

This BarCamp is organized primarily by the GhanaThink Foundation, an organization based both in Ghana and the USA, which has successfully organized 111 BarCamps in Ghana. Virtual BarCamp Ghana 2022 aims at building a platform for young people to share ideas on how to identify, clarify and understand their various Ghanaian Dreams and opportunities.

Rachel Anane-Antwi participated in her first Barcamp in Sunyani many years ago while studying at the University of Energy and Natural Resources. She joined the Barcamp Sunyani team in 2016. Here are her expectations: “As a young Ghanaian navigating the corporate world, I’m also very much interested in listening and learning from entrepreneurs in the various industries. I’m expecting to gather a whole lot of new knowledge on entrepreneurship in Ghana- challenges and breakthroughs”. Rachel added: “A quick glance at the lineup of speakers for the Virtual Barcamp gets me excited at the opportunity to listen to such experts”.

The theme for this is #GhanaianDream — as part of a GhanaThink campaign to collate individuals’ Ghanaian dreams to come up with Ghanaian dreams on a national level, as well as regional, municipal, metropolitan and community- based. We ran some #GhanaianDream breakout sessions in 2018 at the various Barcamps around Ghana. This campaign is in conjunction with Moxie Marketing Group and it is being driven by the wider GhanaThink network, etc. The campaign asks a simple question: “What Ghana do you want to see?” It started on March 6, 2021 and several people have shared their dreams for Ghana through

Duncan Kwame Gablah participated in his first Barcamp in 2013 in Koforidua after volunteering as part of the first National Volunteer Day (#NVDay). He has been instrumental in growth of the #GhanaianDream campaign. He stated: “The Ghanaian Dream campaign is a GhanaThink Foundation led initiative that focused on bringing a comprehensive and progressive change amongst the citizenry to restore the Ghanaian hope and pride in our country — so that Ghanaians have access to affordable quality health care, access quality education, can find jobs, retire with dignity, and secure a future for their children and their communities”. Duncan was a longtime lead for Barcamp Accra.

Hundreds of young awesome Ghanaians have mentored at Barcamps in the past. This Virtual Barcamp features some of these, including Donald Ward of Startup Cafe Africa, Teresa Lemaire of HandyTradie, etc. The 15+ confirmed mentors have been featured on Barcamp Ghana’s Facebook page. Some of the breakout sessions are on: Fact Checking and Research; USSD and SMS technology Impact; A Viable, Prosperous, Ghanaian Society; #GhanaianDream; Fintech aiding Financial Literacy; Freelancing, Agricultural Extension, Transmedia project, etc. These are being run by partners: DigiExt, mPedigree, Africa’s Talking, hapaWeb, Handy Tradie, Leti Arts, Naa Sika, etc.

Herbert Acheampong learnt about Barcamps through Twitter in 2013. He became a longtime lead for Barcamp Takoradi. He says the Virtual Barcamp is meant to fill the gap missed by participants of all Barcamps organised by GhanaThink Foundation. He adds: “As one of the team members, it’s my expectation young people would embrace the use of tech, connect more and be available for opportunities mentored out to them during the various sessions. It would also be an opportunity to learn more about what other people are doing, find partnership and be able to work on a productive vision.

Register for the Barcamp via Contact us via barcamp at ghanathink dot org for partnership opportunities. Stay tuned to #barcampghana on social media for more updates. Join us to move Ghana forward. Stay tuned via our social media.



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